About us

We are Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS). We are part of the GWS group of companies, which provides wireless network benchmarking, analysis and testing services as well as consumer research services to our customers.

Personal data we may collect

If you agree to participate in OneMeasure Perks, we do not collect your name or physical address. However, we may ask you for your home area, zip code or postcode, and certain demographic data including:

  • your age;
  • your gender;
  • your occupation and personal income;
  • your marital status;
  • your ethnicity;
  • information about your education;
  • whether your household includes individuals aged 18 or over and/or individuals under the age of 18; and
  • your household income.

We will also collect your email address in order to provide you with compensation via our rewards program administrator.

Once you have agreed to participate in OneMeasure Perks and have downloaded our app, we may collect further personal data through that app. We may:

  • track your mobile device’s location and IP address, app usage and apps via the app; and
  • collect information about your engagement with your mobile device. For example, we will record the fact that you open a specific application such as a browser, an online game, a social media app, a health-related app or a sports betting app, listen to a podcast or make a telephone call.

Please note that the app will not give us access to the content that you view or the calls that you make.

We may also collect certain information about your device, such as your ISP, phone type, device ID and mobile network operator.

While our app is installed on your device, you may receive requests via the app to fill in optional surveys about a range of topics. You will receive additional compensation in exchange for filling in these surveys.

To help protect your privacy, you will be assigned a unique panel ID and information about you will be linked to that unique panel ID in our systems.

How we will use your personal data

We will use the data we collect about you to gain a better understanding of how individuals interact with their mobile devices. In particular, we will analyze the data in order to obtain insights into how certain age groups or people in specific geographic locations interact with their mobile device.

Third parties with whom we may share your personal data

We may share aggregated, anonymized information which does not identify specific individuals with third parties such as mobile network operators for market research purposes only. Where necessary, we may also share personal data with third parties who provide services to us. This includes our rewards program administrator, which will manage your compensation.

Withdrawing your consent

You may withdraw your consent at any time simply by deleting our app from your device. If you encounter any issues when deleting the app, please email us at

Please note that you will be compensated for your participation in OneMeasure Perks while you have our app installed on your device and you are a valid participant. Once the app has been deleted or you are no longer a valid participant, we will not collect any further personal data about you and you will not receive any further compensation from us.

Further information and our privacy notice

For further information on how GWS will collect and use your data, please see our Privacy Notice, available at